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Civil Litigation

While nearly everyone would prefer to resolve their disputes without involving the courts, sometimes litigation cannot be avoided. When necessary, we use litigation to advance our clients' interests, or to defend them. Mark is experienced at both trial and appellate advocacy and has tried cases in the state and federal courts of Wyoming, Idaho and New York. Mark has handled complex trials before Wyoming and New York juries and has successfully argued cases before the Wyoming Supreme Court, and the appellate courts of New York.

Land Use & Real Estate

Mark has long experience in land use and real estate matters.  For many years Mark was counsel to the Teton Board of REALTORS, providing regular advice regarding a  variety of matters affecting their members and the real estate buying public.  Today, Mark provides clients advice in real estate transactions, assisting in purchases, sales and foreclosures.  Mark is counsel to numerous Teton County Homeowners Associations and has helped those clients navigate the thorny and contentious homeowner disputes that arise, while always encouraging the parties to be neighborly and resolve their differences amicably.  

Construction Contracting & Litigation

Mark has assisted both homeowners and contractors in negotiating construction contracts and resolving construction disputes in projects large and small.  He has litigated complex commercial and residential construction cases in the state and federal courts of Wyoming, and in arbitration before the American Arbitration Association.  On behalf of nine Jackson homeowners and developers, Mark obtained a very favorable settlement in a complex fraud, racketeering and breach of contract case in federal court involving a defunct modular home builder.    Conversely, Mark fought for his contractor client against a defaulting luxury homeowner, earning a high six-figure settlement and favorable resolution. 

Environmental Law

In addition to his J.D., Mark has a Masters degree in Environmental Law and a great deal of experience in federal and state environmental regulatory matters and litigation. Mark represents homeowners opposed to noxious neighboring uses, and environmental groups doing battle with the Department of Energy over nuclear safety issues at the Idaho National Laboratory.

Workers Compensation

Mark has handled dozens of Workers Compensation claims, representing injured employees who have been wrongly denied benefits they deserve.  Mark has helped clients that have suffered workplace injuries including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and orthopedic injuries to the ankle, hand, shoulder and elbow.  Mark can help you with your claim at both the administrative level, and, if necessary, in litigation as well.

Mark has represented dozens of clients in personal injury matters, from motor vehicle collisions to slip and falls, earning numerous large settlements and awards.  Mark has long experience negotiating with, or if necessary, suing the negligent party and its insurer, and then fighting for his clients to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Personal Injury

Corporate Formation

& Governance

Mark has provided strategic business advice to corporations engaged in a variety of enterprises including software and technology, alternative energy, film production, hospitality, and construction. He has helped form, govern and dissolve a variety of entities, protecting their owners', shareholders' and directors' interests in the process.

Software & Technology

Mark has provided business contracting and regulatory advice to several software and technology companies and start-ups. He is regularly called upon to draft and negotiate licensing agreements, sales and distribution agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and consulting agreements.

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