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Clients First

Mark is fully committed to his clients and provides responsive, zealous representation in every case. Mark will work tirelessly towards meeting the client's legal needs and goals. Every client, no matter the size of the claim or the gravity of the subject matter, receives the same personalized attention and fierce advocacy.

Outwork Your Opponent

Mark believes that success comes to those who work the hardest and master their area of expertise. As a lawyer, if you know the facts and the law better than your opponent, you will have the upper hand.


Mark treats the courts, judges, juries, and his opponents, with respect, decency and fairness. He strives for a high degree of professionalism and believes that our system of justice can only work if the parties respect the rules and each other. Therefore, Mark is committed to fighting within the rules to meet his clients' goals.


Long ago, Mark recognized the value of honesty and personal integrity. Mark takes cases he believes in, and then fights for an outcome that is fair and just.

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